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Language Learning Log is a free organizer for your language logs and also a motivational tool. It contains a text editor for every language (Unicode), voice recorder, time tracker, task organizer, search engine and exporter (to PDF/HTML). For a complete list of functions, see below.

Time tracking
Text formatting
Audio logs
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Latest version: v1.38 [20MB]

Changes from previous version:

  • add or delete media files
  • small improvments
  • bug fixes

Older versions:
v1.35, v1.34, v1.33, v1.32, v1.31, v1.30, v1.21, v1.20, v1.02

Complete list of changes
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After you start the application for the first time, you are already able to log your study progress. When you have finished writing, select "File/Save as..." menu item to give your database a name and a location. Do not worry if you forget to save. You will be asked to do that if it is necessary.

Changing and formatting the text. After typying some text in the Rich-Text editor, you can format it using the actions from the tool bar. You have theese options: bold, italic, underline, align left/right/center/justify, color, lists, font type and text size. You can also insert images. Just press the "Insert Image" button, and you will be asked to give the path to the image file. An image can also be aligned (left, right, center or justify).

Saving changes. The changes are automatically saved every 5 min, or whenever you select another date from the calendar or when you close the application. You do not need to do anything special to save your logs.

Navigation. Use the Calendar to view and/or edit logs from other days. Select the current date (today) using the house-button from the toolbar to jump to the current date.

Time tracking. You can track the time spent for writing, reading, listening, grammar, speaking and vocabulary. Open the Infos panel and start/stop a timer for the current day by clicking it. Only timers in the "Today" column can be started. You can also modify manually the time (in case you forgot to start the timer) after you right-click on it. To accept changes just press Enter, or click somewhere else. Every item in the table has a tool-tip, for a better understanding.

Add/Remove a task. Just right click in the empty space of the ToDo panel to add a new task. Right clicking on an existing task allows you to delete it. When a task is completed, you can mark it as "done".

Media. It is used to group together audio/video files for a specific day. You can add here an existing file (using right click menu) or record your own voice. Press the red button to start recording your voice. To stop the recording just press this button again. To listen what you have recorded, select the track you want to listen and double-click on it. To change a audio log name, click two times an item, write the new name, then press Enter. All the audio logs are saved in the media directory. Please do not try to remove/change this directory, because the software cannot find them anymore.

Searching. In order to Search just type the text and press Enter. In case the text is found, a list of results is displayed. Click a date from this list and the log is displayed. The searched text is marked with yellow background. To clear the marking just press the little yellow button (on the right side of the searched text).

General Settings

  • Store a copy of inserted image. When inserting an image, a copy is made in a special directory "logname-media" (located in the same directory as the log database you have created). This allows us to move the log on other computers without losing the images. It is highly recommended to keep this checked.
  • Enable time editing for any day. If this is checked, you can modify also the study time for past days, not only for today. It is highly recommended to keep this unchecked.

Activities Settings.

  • Chose used activities. When an activity is unchecked, it means that it is no more displayed and all the informations about it are still stored in the database (when you enable it, you can see them).

Using Templates. If you have text which you should write every day in your logs (for example: "Materials used", "What went wrong", etc.), you can type it then save it using the menu "Edit/Save template". To use (load) it, select "Edit/Load Template".

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  1. Are there any installation dependencies? Do I need to install any other software in order to make it work?
    No. You don't need to install anything else.
  2. How to install or uninstall it?
    First download the installer, run it and just follow the steps to provide input when requested by the installer. An uninstaller is also provided.
  3. I cannot install it on Windows 7. What should I do?
    The installer should be run with administrator rights: once you've downloaded the installer, you need to right-click and choose "Run as administrator".
  4. I didn't use a language learning log till now. The ideea sounds interesting, but I don't know how to start it.
    A good place to start is to read general guidelines and examples:

  5. How can I remove completely a log from my computer?
    To delete a log, just go to the directory where you created the log and delete the file "yourLogName.llog" and the directory "yourLogName-media". That's all.
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Get in touch with us if you have suggestions or comments. Any feedback will be appreciated.

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